Interpretation Services

worldLINK provides consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services in over 50 languages. Our talents are selected from among the most highly qualified interpreters to meet your needs in any location worldwide. We also provide on-site coordination and interpreting equipment.

Our interpreters are:

  • rigorously selected professionals fully bilingual in the source and target languages
  • experts in their subject areas
  • among the best in the industry

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is a demanding task which requires highly skilled interpreters. It is a must for international meetings, conferences or seminars. It also requires special equipment such as booths, microphones and headsets. With two decades of experience in the industry worldLINK is the solution for all your simultaneous interpretation needs. We will provide you with the most highly qualified simultaneous interpreters and the equipment needed to make your event a complete success in terms of communication.

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is most of the time bi-directional. The interpreter waits for the speaker to finish a sentence or statement before beginning the oral translation. It is most commonly used in depositions, trials, small group meetings or social gathering with your clients or vendors. Our interpreters have exceptional linguistic and interpersonal skills, allowing them to carry out their task without interrupting the proceedings.