From Day One . . .

Founded in 1990 worldLINK was almost immediately challenged when a major New York law firm requested the translation of two thousand pages of financial reports and a multitude of diverse legal documents to be filed for an international court case and requiring delivery to the New York headquarters no later than 9:00 pm on a Sunday evening the following week.

On that Sunday at 8:45 pm one of our staff members arrived from Boston at the New York headquarters with several boxes containing the completed translation. At that time emails and electronic files were not used widely and although we already communicated via modem (300 bauds) this did not allow the electronic transfer of such a huge amount of data.

That was our first "mission impossible", and we delivered.

It was difficult but extremely rewarding. The word went fast from lawyers to lawyers and from one law firm to the next. We gained their loyalty and since then (18 years ago) we have been working for the largest international firms worldwide and have established a reputation for making the "hardly possible" happen:

"In the co-ordination and management of complex pan-European litigation we work constantly against tight deadlines and need fast and reliable translations in almost all European languages. worldLINK has never let us down even if it was hardly possible to meet the deadline at all. The translations we receive are consistently first class quality and it is a pleasure to have a reliable partner such as worldLINK for difficult legal translations."
Burkhart Goebel, Partner, Lovells

Two Decades Later . . .

Although the translation of legal documents has remained one of our top areas of specialization, during the last two decades we have developed highly professional translation teams in other fields such as Finance, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Engineering, software localization and multilingual website design.

Incidentally, that 300 baud modem has long been replaced with a high speed connection; we have built a solid and secured network as well as acquired the most sophisticated software programs to serve the needs of our clients.

One thing has not changed however, and is the fundamental needs of our clients: reliability and confidentiality are essential, deadlines must be met, and of course translations have to be consistently top notch.

"I have worked with Pascal and his crew on diverse projects in many different languages. The price, turnaround and quality of their work are always top notch and I rely on them as if they were a part of our company."
Jim Lynch, Legal Counsel, Gilat Europe

That is what worldLINK has been committed to and delivered over the last two decades.